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“Walking into Yolanda Voss Fashion Gallery in 
         Savage Mill is like walking into another world
         — a world of shimmering voile and
         intricately beaded lace, of elegance and 
         style and timeless beauty.  This is a worlds 
         where magic seems possible, for surely the 
         women who grace this place have 
         been transformed.” - Kathy E. Smith, 
         Business Journal

“ Yolanda Voss came to the United States 
         from Ecuador as a Fashion Designer and now is
         “Giving Back”  to her adopted home country
         which Ms. Voss calls her “Passion”. 
         Ms. Voss contributes through educational 
         ventures, offering 12 internships in design 
         and merchandising to high school and  
         college students. She opened an 
         educational institute for  fashion which
         have provided over 200 student scholarships. 
        This is Ms. Voss’s —  “ Tribute to America.” 
        - Dr. Susan Pearce, PHD, 
        Immigrant Policy In Focus

“Yolanda Voss has built her business on poise, 
       grace and style. She is Founder of, 
       “Yolanda Voss Fashion Gallery” which is 
       located at the Historic Savage Mill in
       Savage, Maryland.  She offers various programs
       as she calls them, “Teaching the graces“ 
      which conclude with a graduation and certificate 
      of completion.  Poise, fashion and style are 
      everyday teaching aspects geared towards the 
      middle class working person.  Speech, 
      etiquette, makeup and self improvement 
      are geared towards the pre– teens.  The Fashion 
      Program covers pattern fitting, high fashion 
      Techniques, tailoring and dress construction 
      geared  towards anyone interested in 
      design. Yolanda Voss has truly been an 
      inspiration in the Fashion Industry  for over 
     40 years.”  -  Joanne R. Nadel, Columbia Journal

“Fashion in Howard County views Yolanda Voss 
      as one of Howard Counties most lavish
      Couture Designers becoming known during 
      the reign of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  
      “It is fabric that plays an important role in 
      designing”, says Yolanda as she reveals where 
      she gets her delicate material like chiffons 
      and brocades from France,  hand  embroidered 
      and loomed woolens from Ecuador, silks from 
      Italy, India and the Far East, tweeds from 
      England and  from the United States, summer 
      prints and cottons from California and Florida. 
      It is the combination of the design with the 
      beautiful fabrics and quality workmanship  
      with attention  to hand detail, created my
      beautiful fashions”.  -  The Scene Today 
      In Howard County

“Latin designer adds to fashion In Columbia. 
       “Image is important”, Mrs. Voss avers. She 
       believes in being what you are not—the best 
       favor you can do yourself  is to be yourself, 
       wear the right things. “You will do better if  
       you look better”. Say Mrs. Voss.  
       Yolanda Voss believes Fashion works 
       towards a successful life”. 
       - K. Deborah Taub,  Howard Living 
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410 775 5656 ( by appoinment only)

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Text Box: “Fashion and the Feminine Attitude. 
        Mrs. Yolanda Voss explains, “For the daytime 
        the  look is soft and comfortable and for the 
        evening the look is romantic and flirtatious.”  
        Hats and bold accessories can help accents the 
        outfit. Skirts and dresses can be full, tight or 
        fancy. Suits and jackets worn by the working 
        woman can go from day to evening with just 
        a soft, lacy, silky blouse.  This feminine attitude 
        can be adapted by most women to fulfill 
        professional and social fashion needs”.  
        - Shopping Around, Columbia 
        and Howard County Guide 

“She Fashions great food. Mrs. Yolanda Voss 
        explains how her Ecuadorian  cuisine  
        also has influenced her style.  “ It  was 
        from the ancient culture  where the empire of 
        Spain and the Conquistadors left there 
        influence. Mrs. Voss has a Spanish influence in
        her lifestyle as well as in her culinary skills.  
        Mrs. Voss loves to entertain in small 
        gatherings  serving Seviche De Camarones
        - fish and shellfish, Lomo Mechado - 
        marinated beef recipe, Quimbolitos  Quiteno -  
        little sweet biscuits  and El Flan Quiteno -  
        the flan, a baked custard bottom drizzled in 
        caramel.  Mrs. Voss’s home has a Spanish 
        influence with the arches, beans and trailing 
        vines.  Fresh fruit and vegetables help to 
        give her dishes a special character”.  
         - Kathleen Soppas, HomeLife, 
        Howard County Times.

“ Voss shows High Fashion survives the Recession.   The  recession hit small entrepreneurial  
          businesses especially hard, and Yolanda Voss 
          was   no exception. Voss says, “ I had worked 
          very hard to build my company and I told 
          myself I would not let it go with out a 
          fight”. “ I believe that my love of fashion and 
          design, my background, my training would 
          sustain me.”  Voss was right.  Today Voss  
          turned a $3000  business investment 
          that gross annual sales over the $500,000 range.           The law of supply and demand for her fashions 
          is what got  thru the recession. Voss 
          advises owners on the edge of financial  
          despair, “Strength and determination 
          can be your saving grace”. — L. A. Lough,       Business Journal 

“ Columbia woman has designs on expanding 
         client base.  That woman is Yolanda Voss. 
         She as distributed her clothing wholesale  
         to exclusive shops in palm Beach, Fl. 
         and she conducts business with specialty 
         dress shops in Washington. Yolanda Voss 
         designs and manufactures about 600 garments
         a year, working mostly in expensive fabrics 
         like French tulle or panne velvet.  
         Yolanda Voss says she listens to her clients’ 
         needs and works from there.” Yolanda Voss
         hopes to expand into other cities and would
         like to do business with large chain companies”. 
         —   Dolly Merritt, Howard County Sun

“ Outstanding Top 10 businesswomen.  
         Yolanda Voss founder and director of 
         Yolanda Voss Fashion Gallery, a center in 
         Savage, MD for self-improvement, 
         finishing, modeling and fashion design was 
         chosen  by her professional accomplishments 
         and community services”.  —- Focus On People