Text Box: Clients’ Testimonials

"Thank you for all the hard skillful work you did to create the magnificent dress you made for my wedding. I felt more beautiful and comfortable than I ever could have imagined. Michael was incredibly 'wowed' as he saw me walk down the aisle for the first time... I will never forget my experience with you!"                 - Suzanne

"I cannot thank you enough for the absolutely exquisite gown you designed for me to wear at our turn of the century party. I enjoyed wearing your gown as much as I did my wedding gown 16 years ago!"  - Mrs. Christine Karneen

"If there is anyone out there who could teach you anything but dress, fashion, poise, styling, image, and just looking great, it would be Yolanda Voss."       
- Joanne R. Nadol,  Business Journal

"Thank you so much, Yolanda, for my dress. It was a big hit at the wedding. Everyone said I looked like a real princess." - Mrs. Frainie

"Yolanda, thanks for being a special friend and helping Joanne look beautiful on her special day. You have been wonderful." - Delma

"My special thanks for creating my beautiful wedding gown. You helped make our special day a very memorable occasion."  - Brenda Jones

"You are so talented; I love your designs. They  are elegant, comfortable, and so classic; I am still wearing outfits you designed for me more  than 20 years ago and I always receive compliments." - Clara Kimbro

"Mrs. Voss, the dress you designed for me was a grand success. I felt regal and comfortable at the same time, and received many compliments. I look forward to coming back for my grandson's Bar Mitzvah in a few years." - Naomi Morse

"My wedding dress you created was lovelier than I could have imagined. I've never felt so pretty in my whole life!" - Abigail Boone

"Dear Yolanda, I can't thank you enough for all the work and talent you put into my wedding gown. I am sorry that you do not have a studio in New York. Many of my friends were clamoring for your name and number. The dress was a big hit! Most importantly, it fit like a glove!  Please keep in touch." - Anne Nucci, M.D

"Now I understand the power and magic of 
         fine fashion. I've become a believer in custom clothing. I have found recognition and respect among my peers. Thank you for the transformation, 
        Yolanda. It has made a real difference 
         in my life."  - Georganne Derick

“Dear Ms. Voss, The HCCW congratulates you as one of
         the ten Outstanding Women in Business 
         recently recognized by the Greater Howard 
         County Chamber of Commerce.  Your
         contribution to Howard County as a                                                                                                                        
   business woman and your involvement in             
   community activities serve as important examples                                                                                   
   to the young women in the county.  
         It is significant that you have not only succeeded in   
         your career, but you have also been a visible
         participant in shaping the quality and future
         direction of Howard County.”   — Mary Dehart, Chairperson, The Howard County Commission Text Box: "Yolanda, the outfit you designed and helped me select for my daughter's wedding was perfect. I felt great, looked great and received many compliments. You are such a joy to work with, helpful, gracious, gentle and interested. It's so wonderful to work with you that I wish I had a major fashion event every six months.  You equalize the stress on other events.  Thank you again." - Clarice Rioux

"Yolanda, enclosed is a full length picture of the outfit. I really loved it and got lots of compliments on it! Thanks for your attention to detail. When my son gets married, I'll be back!" - Pam Goldberg

"Dearest Yolanda, you truly know how to design a dress!  When I was ushered to begin my walk down the aisle, I got  "woo,woo" and some wolf whistles, " alright Miss Judy",  and I said, "I can do this!"  Thank you Yolanda.  One comment was that my hat and dress were the epitome of what one would  envision for a gorgeous fall day wedding. With love and gratitude," - Judy Rowe

"Dear Yolanda, the dresses that you design are your poetry.  You made my wedding date so special.  I was 65 years old and  felt so beautiful on my special day.  Fondly," - Carolyn Tanner Thornton

"Dear Yolanda, I can never thank you for all your did for me over the years.  I enjoyed your shop, your clothes and your friendship so very much."- Fran Shellonberg

"Dear Yolanda, thank you so much for     creating  my dream dress on this most important day of our lives. Not only did I feel beautiful, I also felt so comfortable. You and your staff  did such a wonderful job and so quickly!  I will always recommend you to everyone! You are such a lovely lady and I cannot thank you enough."- Denise Welch

"I would like to thank you for your fine presentation. I am sure each of us will benefit from the insight you shared with us on ways to create a more professional image."- Stephen Zollo, Janssen Pharmaceutical, Inc.

"Yolanda is infinitely knowledgeable of ways to optimize shape and proportion. She is a warm, feminine designer with a personal touch. Yolanda knows her clients and seeks to satisfy their needs while creating current, classic, elegant fashions." - Catherine Gresham

"Your dress received many, many compliments, and I gave you all the credit! Thank you so much, Yolanda, for your impeccable taste and accommodating service..."  - Barbara

“My Dearest Yolanda, you truly know how to design a dress! When I was ushered to begin my walk down the aisle, I got “woo, woo” and some wolf whistles, “Alright Miss Judy,” and I said, “I can do this!” “Thank you Yolanda.” - With love and gratitude, Miss Judy
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